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Based in Rosmalen, The Netherlands

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New game types and unlockable parts


Windows 10, XBOX One, Windows Phone, iOS, Android



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In Darts Rivals you’ve got the opportunity to play friendly matches against other local players or those in your friends list, to hone your skills against the A.I. or to show off against others in online matchmaking; all with your very own customized darts which you are able to fine-tune to compliment your style of play.

Work your way to the top by winning regular matches or scheduled online tournaments and earn a large variety of rewards along the way! These rewards consist of new dart-parts like flights, shafts and barrels, coins and reputation.

The game features multiple game types, all with their own challenges and tactics. Can you master all of them and shine on top of the leaderboards? Play Darts Rivals for free and find out!


The Most Complete Darts Game Yet

With a large collection of game types and an even larger collection of dart-parts to use for customization, no other darts game comes closer in terms of variety.

A Collector’s Dream

Each of the obtainable dart-parts are carefully constructed while taking realism into account; from the looks to how they will affect the darts they’re used on.

Local Matches With Up To 4 Players

Show your friends or family who’s boss or take on A.I. opponents with adjustable difficulties. Why not both at the same time?

Online Matchmaking

Want to take on a broader range of opponents and let them know that you’re a force to be reckoned with? We’ve got you covered!


No matter which platform you’re playing on, you’ll always be able to take everything with you and play against any other player, whether they’re a complete stranger or someone in your friends list.

Rep Level

Every time you win, you’ll gain rep; the more rep you obtain, the higher your level will be. Be warned though, losing matches will decrease the amount or rep you have, which will lower your level!


Regular scheduled tournaments will give you the chance to make a huge impact; winning these will reward you with unique dart-parts and huge amounts of coins and rep!


Only the players with the most rep out of everyone will be featured on the leaderboard. These are guaranteed to be the toughest opponents you’ll be able to face! Will you be able to take their place?




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About Uniblox Games

UNIBLOX© Games is a independent game developer based in Rosmalen, The Netherlands. Our team is composed of four full time staff and a couple of freelancers. We intend to innovate the video game landscape with new ideas and concepts. 

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